Consulting Services

One Pebble offers strategic digital evolution consultancy. We love to be held accountable for the recommendations we make. We are digital practitioners first and strategists second. All our work is predicated on action-orientated outcomes, with cost/benefit/risk analysis and ROI’s where we can. Our Digital Evolution Mapping  focuses on People, Process and Tools in that order.

Our team is ALWAYS comprised of senior, highly experienced specialists. 


Within our Digital Evolution roadmapping approach, our team offer a range of skills, knowledge and expertise including:

  • Digital Evolution / Transformation Roadmapping with a suite of reports:
    • The Main Digital Roadmap
    • Supporting Business case
    • Organisational Impact report (where suitable)
  • Strategic planning of Digital Evolution / Transformation projects
  • Research projects into digital skills best practice
  • Organisational restructuring for peak efficiency in a digital world
  • Collaboration best practice modelling
  • Change Management
  • Team Development and Training
    • Covering both practical and fundamental skills
  • Digital Ambassador Training
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Chairing and Group Facilitation
  • Ongoing mentoring and support across the roadmap delivery lifecycle

There is no one size fits all with One Pebble. Every client requires a unique roadmap.

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