Cultural Morphology

As a digital transformation specialist, it’s amazing what you get to study over the course of your day job. One topic crops up time and again as we work with clients, large and small, on how they deliver true Digital Transformation – that of their culture and how it needs to change in order toContinue reading “Cultural Morphology”

Influence, Persuade, Inspire

Over the last two years, the title of Digital Transformation Specialist has become more and more prevalent. There are now C-Suite roles that encompass this activity and the impetus for Digital Transformation is increasing day by day. Despite the noise and the chatter, there is still a real hiatus in successful projects being declaimed fromContinue reading “Influence, Persuade, Inspire”

Are Your People Ready for the Journey

  In this muse, I am going to discuss the importance of people and the overarchingly critical nature of their support, involvement and energy. This segues neatly into the need to build collaborative working models that promote cross-department and cross-silo working. This is not new. This is not even a revelation. From a time inContinue reading “Are Your People Ready for the Journey”

Three Digital Transformation things you can do today!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years delivering Digital Transformation projects for a myriad of clients large and small it is that clients often become paralysed by the sheer noise surrounding the digital space. Every day a new platform is launched that makes your life better, faster, more effective, more flexible,Continue reading “Three Digital Transformation things you can do today!”

The Could Should Conundrum

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” In this muse, I am going to look at the conundrum of digital ‘Magpie Syndrome’, otherwise known as “Just because you could do a thing digitally, doesn’t mean you should”. There are many times over the last three years that this has been apparent but one particular standout was duringContinue reading “The Could Should Conundrum”

Why One Pebble

The least movement is of importance to all of nature. The entire ocean is affected by one pebble! Blaise Pascal Over the years that I’ve been running businesses and leading change programmes what is apparent is that large problems are made up of many, many small but interlinked issues. that add layers of complexity and shadows to hideContinue reading “Why One Pebble”