Three Digital Transformation things you can do today!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years delivering Digital Transformation projects for a myriad of clients large and small it is that clients often become paralysed by the sheer noise surrounding the digital space.

Every day a new platform is launched that makes your life better, faster, more effective, more flexible, adds efficiencies or replaces human interactions. Whether it’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) Artificial Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) Extra reality (yes this is indeed a thing! XR, a combination of AR and VR), big data, Macro Data, Micro Data, API’s, non legacy systems, Legacy system integrators, phone apps, social channel aggregators….the list just seems endless.

So the first 3 things any organisation needs to do are:

  1. Define what “digital” actually means to them
    1. Don’t assume it means you need the very latest cutting edge tech
    2. Don’t assume it means massive reorganisation
    3. Don’t assume that it will be expensive
    4. DO – focus on what your customers and internal users ACTUALLY need
  2. Define their state of “Digital Maturity”
    1. Are you a toddler, just starting out on your journey
    2. Are you a Teen, maturing but still with a lot to learn
    3. Are you an Adult, invested in your journey, knowing what you don’t know and considered in your approach to the ongoing journey
    4. Are you a Digital Master, focussed, Zen-like, on continuously improving the wealth of knowledge and expertise already embedded in your business from top to bottom
  3. Then, armed with these two salient bits of knowledge, you agree on the vision of where they want to be at a point in time in the future. 

Then, and only then, can you sidestep the noise and begin to map out the journey ahead.

Critical to this journey is aligning it with the organisations “Why” statement.

“Why are we in existence?” 

Then you can look at:

“What do we need to do digitally to support this?”

Lastly, you can consider:

How do we deliver over this over our agreed timeframe?

Let’s be clear, none of this is new, none of this is rocket science, it is, however, fiendishly difficult to be objective, distanced and centred around your current state and your desired state when you are mired at the coal face chasing the Business As Usual maelstrom that only increases in pace as each day passes.

This then is where expert consultants like One Pebbles Steve Plummer come in. We help our clients find that objective distance, we facilitate the conversations around the now and the future vision, we capture and invigorate it with decades of digital experience and multi-sector expertise to advise you on what the next steps are going to be.

If you are deafened by the digital noise but determined to make digital work for you rather than have it happen to you then Get in touch. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Published by One Pebble Consulting

I am a seasoned digital professional with over 20 years of expertise at my disposal. I have lead transformational change programmes across three major digital agencies and have spent the last three years leading digital strategy adn roadmapping projects for clients as diverse as EDF Energy, National Theatre Scotland, Affinity for Business and Falkirk Community Trust. A board Trustee of Turning Point Scotland I am passionate about how digital can transform lives.

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