Why One Pebble

The least movement is of importance to all of nature.

The entire ocean is affected by one pebble!

Blaise Pascal

Over the years that I’ve been running businesses and leading change programmes what is apparent is that large problems are made up of many, many small but interlinked issues. that add layers of complexity and shadows to hide in. Usually I find plentiful systems, processes, management information, data, virtually anything other than the human factor already in place. It’s inherently possible to measure everything but achieve nothing.

More often than not that “One Pebble” is the team, the individual, the human factor that needs to be activated. The key element to this is the word Act!

The key then is to find that “One Pebble” that will act and effect the change.

This is the inspiration behind “One Pebble Consulting”, it serves to remind me of what we seek to change and the impact One Pebble can make.


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