About Us

A pebble is small.

It’s tempered by the waves and sits nestled amongst its peers. But thrown into the sea at the right time, with the right force and in the right direction …..Small interventions can create great change.

So One Pebble was created to assist in the creation of small events that build great digital change.

Digital transformation for all sectors and organisations

One Pebble is a global digital transformation specialist. We deliver excellence in customer engagement and experience for the public, private and the third sector. Our major experience lies across Arts, Heritage, Education, Utilities and major charities.

We run programmes using online workshopping techniques that offer you access to our subject specialists without the need to travel or be onsite.

We understand how disruptive new technologies are driving change in your business model. We recognise that the challenges you face – in terms of effective influencer, customer and consumer interaction – have never been greater.

Our clients are rightly wary of the risks generated by pursuing radical and rapid transformation. That is why we embrace the philosophy of digital evolution: a pragmatic, tailored and client-focused approach that embraces people, process, and your organisation.

Whether you require troubleshooting, insight or fundamental process re-engineering, One Pebble is ready to advise and guide you to future success.

“Perhaps the most efficient and effective piece of Consulting I’ve commissioned in the last 20 years”

Meredith Potter, General Manager, Peggy Baker Dance Project, Toronto

Your digital journey

At One Pebble we believe that digital evolution is exploiting the power and potential of digital technology to make your business more efficient, more effective and significantly better. Simply put: business change with digital as the catalyst.


But it’s not just about the technology: we understand that it’s vital to engage your people, to rethink business processes, models and corporate culture to ensure you are competitive in the digital age.

Failure to take this holistic approach is the primary reason why less than 30% of digital transformation strategies achieve their objectives (source: McKinsey).

One Pebble focuses on your entire business rather than just the IT. Our key objectives for your digital change management strategy are:

  • Ensuring your leadership team is digitally aware and engaged
  • Developing the digital capabilities of your workforce
  • Aligning your Strategy to your digital roadmap
  • Empowering your people to work in new ways
  • Identifying how your processes and tools can be digitally upgraded
  • Optimising project communication using traditional and digital methods

Using the One Pebble digital roadmap for your journey will deliver:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased business efficiency
  • Enhanced business agility
  • Greater competitiveness
  • Future-compatible business success

“ I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything as detailed and comprehensive as this roadmap in all the years I have been working in the energy sector. Particularly one that is sliced up into chunks that we can actually deliver. It is a recipe book from which we can decide what dishes to prepare and serve. “

Kurt Bligaard Pedersen, Chairman, Gazprom UK Ltd

You can see the case studies for my work at After Digital here:

I am also Founder of Transform 21 (a global disrupter of the traditional consulting practice model), Course Advisor to the ThisIsMilk Digital Transformation training programme, Board Trustee for Turning Point Scotland and with After Digital a Member of the BIMA Charities Council.

One Pebble Consulting is proud to be a member of Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce

One Pebble operates on a global stage but we take our climate responsibilities seriously and offset our carbon footprint with Ecologi